(Nazeer x Yosreia) 1958 - 1984

Part one

If you stand in the big entrance at Tersk, looking to the stallion stables, you see two life-sizebronze sculptures - Aswan and Naturshitsa.

Rafaat (renamed Aswan by the Russians) was the biggest lucky shot for Tersk. In 1963, as the Aswan High Dam was completed on the upper Nile, the Egyptian government used the stallion as a thank-you gift to the U.S.S.R. for its financial support in the building of the dam. In the beginning they didn't know exactly what to do with such a dainty and typey stallion, but his grace and beauty fit the athletic ability and correct conformation of the Tersk mares. He transmitted his incomparable type to his descendants, as well as racing ability, which he inherited from his father Nazeer, one of the best race horses in Egypt.

In 19 breeding seasons Aswan left 296 children. Many of them achieved world wide influence and today you simply can't imagine the breed without Aswan-blood.

Among his most influential sons are Kilimanjaro (out of Karta), who passed away last year at the age of 29. He was the first russian stallion who had a lasting influence in Europe. Especially his daughters are well known for their world wide influence, for example Neschi (out of Nevada), Nadesha (out of Nesnakomka) and Nikarta (out of Nika). US-National Champion stallion Marsianin (out of Magnolia) had no luck in Europe, he only left one son in Germany before he started a succesful breeding career in the USA. Afterwards Europeans reimported Marsianin offspring, like Markema (out of Takema) or Marsipan (out of TC Charm).

Mag, a full-brother to Marsianin, was exported to the Netherlands, where he left some excellent offspring like Naturel (out of Nepriadwa). Mag later was exported to the USA where he continued his breeding career.

Beside Kilimanjaro, the most succesful Aswan sons in Europe were Palas (out of Panel) who was succesfully used in Poland, Antey (out of Nemezida) who unfortunately died much to early, and Plakat (out of Pchelka). Plakat, in the meantime also 29 years old and still in good health, probably was the most succesful russian showhorse in Europe, the number of Champion titles this horse won, will be hard to beat! At the age of 22 he still won the All-Nations-Cup at Aachen and was named Senior Champion at Towerlands. But he was not only a succesful showhorse, with numerous offspring he proved himself as a sire of excellent quality. Among his children are Warandes Plakat (out of Barwna), Mangan (out of Mangani), Galba (out of Gza Gza), or the mare Khouri BB (Khouros x Moncya) inbreed to Plakat, to name only a few.

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