What's new on Arabian Dreams?

16. April 2005

This site is about dreams, right? About very special dreams of Arabian horses. And do you know what? Dreams do actually turn into reality "once upon a time". Seven years and three days after my dream horse Nikita another wonderful colt arrived on this earth: 

L.A. Tadewi Wanikyia Aurin was born - Evelyne's first and very own Arabian!

Want to see some cute baby pics? Enjoy!


21 April 2003

I have completed my first examens with success - so I should find some more time to keep this site updated! There are new pictures on the pages: about us, Evelyne's story and horses in the snow.


30 July 2002

Yes! Finally there is something new on Arabian Dreams! My show report from the International B show in La Forge, France. Other news; I am now learning how to update this site, so be patient ;-)


9 Mai 2002

This site is not dead, just dormant. My horse has moved to a stable nearby, my son has started his third year on this earth with a lot of zeal, I do work on three days a week and appart from family, horse and job I also try to fit in time for my indigenous rights activities and several (other) web projects... But what I do have for you today are three new stories by Bob! Go and enjoy Bob at his best in ewereeka, dreamornot and confession.


6 September 2001

I am proud to announce a big new article with lots of pictures on our website. Uff, I really had to steal the time to work on this. But it was so much fun, I hope to do it again, and soon! Evelyne in I spent a sunny day in Fehraltorf at the annual Swiss Stock Show for pure bred Arabians. And we did take some pretty nice pictures if I say so myself ;-)



26 July 2001

My gelding Nikita's first time under saddle: a pic by pic account of an important day in my life. And two new additions by the funniest writer ever owned by an Arab (aka Bob Griffith): cell phones and Awful Poetry Returns.


13 May 2001 

A Spring time story by Bob: examine assumptions. Enjoy!


28 January 2001

Well, it is not really an update, but at least something new: there is a new funny picture to be found in the exit section, and a new story by Bob aptly named Spooks In Arabs Explicated. We do have some new stuff in the making, but there are only 24 hours in a day :-( Evelyne has recently fallen in love and I do have my hands full with my family, my horse, my job and two other web projects to jugle. I am sure you have not seen the whole Arabiandreams website yet. Go check out some of the old good stuff, and we'll try and bring you a real update by summer ;-)


16 October 2000

Vacations are a very pratical thing to work on ones website :-). This time I added some pictures of my jouney to Scotland, and even if there are no horses it's worth a look!


17 September 2000

I am a bit overworked right now, but I do have at least one new additon to tell you about: pictures of Bob's famous gelding Panache!!!! For those of you who really don't know who he is: go check out "Have fun"-stories by Robert C. Griffith.


24 July 2000

Read Evelyne's article about the Championnat d'Alsace, an international C show in France and Bob's new story where he asks us: who needs TV?


20 July 2000

Evelyne just won second prize at the Araber Journal's amateur contest for the best baby pics! I knew she could do it! The picture that won her the prize is of the beautiful filly Korona.


25 June 2000

Lots of new stuff up on Arabian Dreams. There is a new story by Bob, this time about dogs. Evelyne has finally written that long overdue article about the Open Day 2000 at Lasahr Arabians. And I have not only put up some new pics of my darling baby boy Robin (see May and June 2000), but also a pic by pic account of the first meeting between my gelding Nikita and his trainer Nadja Maurer. I hope you'll think this visit worthwhile!


1 June 2000

Bob never ceases to amuse and surprise me with his humorous little stories. His latest additions are completely different from each other, but both very much worth reading. In War Mares for Sharon Bob gives an irreverent version of the legend surrounding the five mares of the Prophet, while An Ordinary Ride features not only his lovable Arab gelding Panache but also a Doberman Pincher called Amigo.



24 May 2000

Finally a new funny picture on the exit page plus a really nice collection of spring time pictures (mostly foals): 
Spring 2000 at Lasahr Arabians!


30 April 2000

Bob has written a wonderful explanation on the false impression of friskiness in Arabians. The newest addition to his stories is called misperceptions.


9 April 2000

L.A. Korona is the new foal at Lasahr Arabians. You find her pics at Lasahr babies 2000 - part three. And there are some cute new pics of L.A. Meduza.


3 April 2000

What do you think of a person who maintains a website about horses without a page about her own horse in it? Very strange, I'd say. But the situation is rectified at last. I present to you my colt Nikita! There are more pictures of him than you'd ever want to see. But what the heck, I couldn't stop myself ;-) There are also two new additions to Bob's "Have fun stories page".


27 March 2000

Finally my turn to write the *news* ....although I am not enjoying the pleasures of motherhood ;-) I have been rather busy too those past weeks... The stallion day at Lasahr Arabians was a big success and we were presented with warm and sunny weather! Unfortunately (due to the Swiss postal service) my photos got lost, so there are no pictures to look at :-( But as a comfort we have added Lasahr babies 2000 where you can have a look at two beautiful Narym foals and more to come of course! For the cat lovers among you: Christa has added pics of her cats to the "About us" section!


17 March 2000

We have moved to our own domain and have a new feature I hope you'll find very useful: the search engine! Now if you are looking for a certain horse or stud farm just enter the name and search our site. I have also added some content, but mostly in the "About us" section: more pics of Robin, new ones of my wedding and my hibiscus, my favorite fantasy links. And there are two new names to be found in our selection of Arab related links.


21 February 2000

I have finally changed the "Funny picture of the month" and put up the first pics of my newborn son, Robin. You find them in the "About us" section. Here is the direct link: Our baby Robin


4 February 2000

While I am waiting for my baby to decide on his birthday I am whiling away my time with the redesign of the Arabian Dreams website. I hope you like the new look, because I do, and I certainly won't have the time to do it all again in the near future

In addition to the new background, navigationbars and entry page we now do feature a guestbook and, as you obviously have found out, a "What's new-page". This was long overdue, since people never knew if there had been any recent changes or not.

You can't imagine how much time it took to just implement those few changes! This is the reason why there is not all that much new content to be found right now. The "Funny picture of the month" still needs changing, too. But if you go to the "About us page" you'll see that there is a new link to my personal interests. Most of the icons do not work yet, try the movie roll and the book pile!

I recommend you to regularly visit Bob's "Have fun stories page" as this is one of the pages that changes regularly.

I have no idea how much time motherhood will leave me to play around with my computer, but I do have some plans for the future of this site (beside adding some new content, that is): I want to buy us our own domain and I intend to change host. The latter is not due to bad service on my current hosts side, but because we are running out of space!!!

Now it's up to Evelyne to bring us some hot new shots from the upcoming stallion presentation at Lasahr Arabians! Let's hope the weather is fine.